Thursday, October 1, 2015

2016 Dual 9" Car Digital Touch Screen Headrest Dvd Player Monitors

Dual Digital 9" Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Detachable Monitors

Our new 2016 Digital Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Monitors are full of all the latest features including high resolution digital display. FM and IR transmitters which play the DVD audio wirelessly through your vehicles existing speakers or wireless headphones at the touch of a button.

Weather it is for entertaining your kids or family and friends on the road, choosing to include a set of Dual Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Monitors in your vehicle will turn your boring everyday driving to an exciting multi-media entertainment experience for everyone.

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  1. Very nice review of dual digital touch screen monitor. I'm impressed to see this product and looking forward to install it on my car. Current monitor has become bit older, so this one will be a perfect replacement.