Saturday, November 10, 2012

How To Install Car Sunvisor Visor Dvd Player Monitors

Here are some basic installation instructions if you can use them, great. This is from my knowledge of them. They are not a difficult installation, but may need to be tweaked based on your vehicle.

1. remove your factory sun visors by removing the screws from the mounting brackets. ( save them for later should you wish to re-install )

2.Once you remove the mounting bracket, there will be an access hole underneath, this is where you will take the wire from the DVD visor and push through the hole , down the side window molding. ( it may be easier to simply remove the side window molding prior to installation )

3. Using the included mounting bracket, mount the sun visor DVD monitor to the same place that the factory bracket was ( please note, this may not be an "exact" replacement of the factory bracket. IE different shape )

4. Then using the provided mounting clips, flip the sun visor in the upright position, this will show you where you need to mount the mounting clip on your roof liner so that it lines up, and clips into, the swivel bar on the DVD visor ( just as it was with your factory visor )

5. Once the DVD visor is mounted and secured, you know need to connect the power harness that came with the package, this simply clips into the wire that you ran down the side molding. Once connected, you now have to connect the red/black wires for power to the visor. How this is done, is where it will depend on your vehicle. You can connect the red wire ( power ) to any 12v source such as the cars battery or fuse box.

6. We also include cigarette adapters which plug into the unit as well, where you simply have to plug the visors cigarette adapter into your vehicles lighter socket. This is a little more cumbersome as you have to hide the wire, or have it dangling from your visor.

7. Once power has been connected, replace the side molding if removed, and your done.

These are basic steps I can offer to help guide you through the process, I will be happy to answer any specific questions you have along the way if you need help, just email. thank you very much, I hope this helped you.

Enjoy your weekend.

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