Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Headrest Dvd Player Monitors

With the cost of OEM vehicle specific headrests being so expensive, not everyone wants to drop $700 to $1500 for the privilege of having a DVD player screen or two in the back seat of your SUV or car. Luckily, there are a few good sets out there that are available for a fraction of the price and can be installed in any type of vehicle. Let’s take a quick look at 2 of the best in this category.

The EliteAutoSound headrests comes with a 7 inch screen, a sleek leather look in Black, Gray or Tan color, and excellent picture quality. With a 1400 x480 resolution, the unit is able to show wide screen movies with no black borders on the screen. The quality wireless headsets keep the noise levels coming from the back down while you drive.

Altogether, a great headrest package that gives a surprising level of quality for the price. Why pay more when these are this good? Also included is a wide array of Built in Video games and game controllers, which are perfect for kids of ages from 3-15 years of age! Recommended.

EliteAutoSounds company is well known for their inexpensive yet powerful subwoofers, and this headrest DVD set shows that they provide value for money in the back-seat-entertainment market too. These units can play DVD’s, MP3’s, DivX movies – just about anything you care to throw at it in fact. The USB and SD card readers are the preferred way of watching these formats, and thankfully the new series can stream from these too – and all on a 9-inch screen. Add to this impressive media support great sound quality and the ability for each headrest to play separate video and audio (no more arguing in the back seat) and you have a winning product.

While the price point may be higher than the 7" package, it pales in significance when compared to other OEM headrests from Baton and Rosen ($1500 anyone?), making these a bit of a bargain for the feature set.
Overall, the EliteAutoSound-Sales line represents some of the most flexible multimedia car headrests around. If only the instructions were a bit clearer this would be perfect, but once properly installed they are pretty hard to beat.

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