Monday, August 29, 2011

Overhead Flip Down Car Dvd Monitors Buyers Guide

Now a day’s car without DVD player is very rare. Using DVD player you and your co traveler pass the travelling time as a great pleasure. Here we are going to see overhead DVD players. It is a roof mounted car DVD player. The monitor flips down when it is in active state.
The main reason for choosing overhead style is because of the angle. You can lean your head back against your headrest and watch your favourite movie very comfortably. Today we are going to see about EliteAutoSound-Sales flip down roof mount car DVD players.

Types of overhead DVD players

EliteAutoSound-Sales  Audio is one of the top most car audio equipment manufacturing brand. They have 50 years of experience in professional car audio and video equipments. They deliver a high quality, huge range of products in affordable price. Today we are going to see the latest Overhead DVD players produced by EliteAutoSound-Sales.

Basically there are two types of EliteAutoSound-Sales  overhead DVD players available in market. They are Flip down Roof Mount DVD monitor with FM & IR transmitter and Flip down Roof Mount monitor with built in DVD or USB or SD card players. These two categories widely divide into many sub types with some extra features.

Recent EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip down Roof Mount monitors in market

First let us see about the over head DVD monitor with FM & IR transmitter. These DVD monitors are wide screen TFT-LCD monitors with high resolution. The size of the monitor depends on the model type. The device provide wide viewing angle. IR transmitter is for the usage of wireless headphones (popular among car DVD players).
It comes with built in FM modulators and wireless remote control. The input for the monitor can be an audio or/and video signal. It also supports USB and SD card inputs. The player is DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 compatible one. You can play any audio or video by connecting this monitor with your in-car DVD player.

Some of the latest models of this type of player are EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip Down Roof Mount Monitor & DVD player with Wireless FM Modulator/ IR Transmitter. These models come with 10.4”, 11.3”,  and 17” monitor size comes with super slim models.

Recent EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip down Roof Mount monitor with built in DVD players in market

The next model is over head monitor with built in DVD player. These are one of the popular roof mount DVD players. It is easy to install and maintain. These players have the same functions as the previous one. The only thing is it has its own built-in DVD player.
Some latest models available in this product are EliteAutoSound-Sales  Roof Mount TFT LCD Monitor with Built-In DVD Player. These types of players come with 9” , 9.2"and 10.4” size monitors. There are few advanced features in this model over the previous one.

EliteAutoSound-Sales  sell a complete line of Car Flip Down Overhead DVD player LCD monitor packages including wireless 32 bit video games and controllers, headphones ( optional ) and other mobile car video entertainment products such as Headrest DVD players and Sun visor LCD monitors.

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