Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Install Headrest Dvd Player Monitors in your Car Guide

How to Install Headrest DVD Player Monitors Installation Guide

Headrest DVD players are very common among car users. When set out for long journey with friends or family, you can entertain the rear seat passengers or your kids with headrest DVD players. Do it yourself Headrest DVD players are available from the largest source of Headrest DVD monitors in the country EliteAutoSound-sales. Here we are going to see the installation of headrest DVD player in your car.

If you know how to handle the basic tools, then it is simple and easy for you to install the headrest DVD player in your car. Headrest DVD players are the DVD players fit in your car seat headrest. Normally these DVD players come with monitor attached with Headrest. Installation takes almost one hour for skilled people. Now let us see how to install the player.

  1. Measure the width of the existing headrest post
  2. Remove your factory headrest, This may be done by simply pulling up on the headrest or some models you may need to push a "release" button by the post on the top of the seat.
  3. Install proper post adapters ( if needed ) on the DVD headrest for your vehicle.
  4. Adjust the width of the headrest DVD player post to the existing post.
  5. Once you have removed the factory headrest, you can insert the DVD headrest into the seat holes ( do not connect the power harness before doing this )
  6. Insert the two cable wires in to the two post holes in your seat and run the cable through the car seat to the bottom of the seat.
  7. Each headrest needs a power wiring harnesses to be connected. On each power harness there is a Red ( positive ) and a Black ( Negative/Ground ) wire.
    The red wire needs to be connected to any 12v power source in the vehicle. This is where your knowledge of electronics and the specific vehicle itself play a major role in accomplishing. The most common connections areas of the vehicle are the Battery, The fuse Box, Or if experienced in electronics, you can usually tap in to the center console and link off the cigarette adapter power connection. This is the most convenient since it is close to the headrest.
  8. Optional Easy way to power the headrest is to Connect the power cables with cigarette lighter connection adapters.
  9. Connect the power cable and input cable to the AV output and AV input cables under the seat.
  10. The headrest can now be used individually to watch 2 different DVDs with full function. If you wish to have the ability to watch the same DVD on both headrest you must connect the RCA A/V connections as described below
  11. Each of the headrest have both RCA Audio and Video Input & Output Connections.
  12. You would use standard RCA cables and connect the RCA A/V Input/Outputs ( red/white/Yellow ) to the other headrest RCA A/V Input and Outputs ( Red/White/Yellow)
  13. Once connected correctly, You can turn on both headrest, Insert the DVD into Headrest Number 1, when the DVD begins to play, On headrest number 2, Press the DVD/AV button on the remote, or the mode button on the front of the headrest, this will put Headrest number 2 into AV mode and the image will show on both screens.
  14. Re install the backside of the seat
  15. Now your headrest DVD player monitor is ready to play your favourite movie or music.

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