Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Headrest Dvd Monitors VS Overhead Flip Down Dvd Monitors

Headrest DVD players are one of the most popular in car DVD players for adding multimedia rear entertainment for mid size and large family sedans. Headrest DVD players are equipped with large monitors, built in speakers, Fm Transmitters, Ir Transmitters and Game functions. Headrest DVD players will bring in Car Entertainment to your children and passengers during road trips and general travel in traffic. Headrest DVD players come in single or dual DVD players option. Click Here EliteAutoSound-Sales for more information, Photos and Choices on headrest dvd players.


Overhead DVD players & Flip down DVD players are the perfect mobile video solution for family vehicles such as SUV, vans or Trucks. Overhead dvd players have flip down monitors ranging from 9" to 17". Some with built-in DVD players. Overhead dvd players all have IR transmitters for use with wireless Headphones and FM transmitters that allow the sound to play through your vehicles existing speaker system wirelessly.

May we interest you in transforming your car into a Mobile Entertainment Vehicle with our range of in car DVD players products?!

By Adding car dvd monitor systems in your vehicle, whether by using an overhead DVD monitor / flip down DVD monitor or headrest DVD player, you will add an excitement, comfort and enjoyability into your everyday driving experience. Those long Road trips will be a joy now with the children being entertained watching their favorite DVD movies or playing the built in video game many packages come with.

If you have a family sedan - then the best car video system for you is either Overhead Dvd Player or headrest DVD player. A dual zone DVD system which has 2 Headrest DVD monitors, both with their own built in DVD players will enable your passengers to Watch 2 different DVDs at once or have the option of watching the same DVD on both screens. These are very popular and are available at . If you choose to use the headrest DVD option, then your kids choose what movie they want to watch and control everything from the headrest themselves, no turning around or causing unsafe driving conditions so you can focus on the road. With You also have the choice of dual DVD player or single DVD player packages, based on your needs and budget.

With large vehicles like an SUV or Van - then you should consider an overhead DVD player monitor / flip down DVD players Car Overhead DVD or Flip down DVD players are great for family vans or large SUVs, the flip down monitors will conceal nicely when not in use, flat against the roof liner of your vehicle, and they come with built in dome lights which are nice at night. These units come standard with RCA video input and outputs for these overhead DVD players will allow you to plug in your PS2 or Xbox or other Gaming system which will let your kids play their favorite games on the road, quietly while traveling on those long road trips. Some Flip down DVD monitors even have built in gaming systems in them already for your kids entertainment! Range of Headrest DVD monitors, Overhead DVD monitors and even Sun visor DVD monitors, give you the option of full control, wireless headphones and even built-in games. It is all based on your imagination and you needs for your vehicle. We have a package for every vehicle, person and budget.

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