Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to Add Car Video Monitor Packages to Your Vehicle

Those long car rides and cross-country road trips will go a lot faster with a little in car entertainment to speed things along. There are a number of car audio and video options for adding mobile video to your vehicle with many features such as game controllers and wireless headphones. At least one of the car video options below will probably work for your car with a no problems. Simply choose the one that suited to your needs, and click on the link to learn more.

Visor mount: This system locates the car video screen on one of the front-seat visors. Strap-on monitors simply clip or strap to your existing sun visor. Monitor-visor combos replace factory-installed visors and have a built-in mobile video-screen. Many driver-side visor systems have a car video blackout feature, so that the driver can't be distracted while driving.

Sun Visor monitors - We carry the very best sun visor monitors and sun visor DVD players technology on the market today. Sun visor monitors and DVD players are an interesting and cool way view your favorite movies without the screen space limitations in-dash car DVD players normally present.

Overhead mount: Overhead car video screens offer some of the largest screens available. These car video players may combine the screen and player in a foldaway screen that's flush with the ceiling, or the actual DVD or Blu-ray player may be located underneath one of the seats.

The Flip Down DVD Player Monitor is compatible with a all vehicles. A wireless Remote control is supplied for the DVD player/screen. You can add an extra A/V source if you wish. Simple, elegant and with wide compatibility as well as the utter ease of installation and wireless inclusion into your audio system.

All components necessary for first-class multimedia are already permanently integrated into the Flip Down DVD Monitor player.

For relaxing and relaxed rear seat entertainment in the car, Flip down DVD player monitors are the best solution because the passengers on the rear seat have these in front of them without straining their necks.

Headrest video monitors are another great option for backseat viewing. You can install headrest video monitors in your existing headrests or just replace the headrests with custom-made headrest video monitors. The replacement headrest models are probably the simplest to install yourself. When two headrest video monitors are mounted, they can be connected to separate car video sources. One passenger can use the car video player while another plays video games.

These Car DVD headrest monitors also come with the best built in video game player! Our packages offer 8 Bit and 32 Bit game options, depending on the package you select. Our packages will include gaming Cd's for both systems which have 100's of preloaded games on them with the option of downloading more through the Internet web site provided with the packages. There is even support for multi player so up to 4 people can play during those long road trips and this will help keep all the kids occupied and entertained while providing you the "sounds of silence" we all wish we had during travel.

Connect Multiple external devices With these headrest monitors you can also use the built in A/V inputs and outputs to connect any other A/V source with the RCA (Yellow/White/Red) connections on both headrest. Common uses include; gaming systems, digital TV receivers, digital camcorders, our Car Flip Down Monitors and more. There is even a USB card reader slot. And to make sure you don't distract the driver there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack for the best way of connecting to your wired headphones and a IR transmitter if you have wireless headphones ( Optional ).

These Car headrest DVD monitors install quickly and easily and are the perfect device for watching your favorite movies with since they use a high quality native 16:9 wide screen display LCD screens. Transform your boring ride into an enjoyable mobile entertainment media center for your friends, family and guests, and purchase these Car DVD headrests today.

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