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How To Choose Headrest Dvd Players Reviews

Before you purchase a car headrest monitor with DVD player, there are certain specifications that you may want to consider. You are encouraged not to purchase the first one you see, without knowing what these specs are! This guide will provide you with what to look for in a car headrest monitor, which will make your purchase a much more pleasant one. Make sure that you examine the product label specifications. These specs will provide you with all of the information you need in determining whether or not the product meets your expectations. The following are seven specs to research and consider when purchasing your car headrest monitor:

Spec #1: Headrest Pillow Included

Monitors can be sold with or without the headrest pillow. Therefore, make sure to purchase the monitor with a headrest pillow included. These days, many monitors come with pillows, which will make the installation process much simpler. This also makes it much easier than to have to actually cut a hole in your existing headrests!

Spec #2: Screen is made as a thin film transfer (TFT)

A thin film transistor monitor will display much better quality images. The majority of LCD monitors now use thin film transistors. This is because each pixel has its very own separate and tiny transistor. These tiny transistors do not require as much charge, so the displays of the pictures can be transferred quickly. This makes fast moving images effectively displayed for game playing, as well as other high quality digital media. Another benefit to viewing a TFT screen is that the picture can be seen from an angle. These days, the majority of screens are TFT; however, there still are some that are not. Therefore, when considering which kind to purchase, check on the product specification label to be sure it is made as a thin film transfer.

Spec #3: Built-in DVD Player

It is very important to understand whether or not your monitor has a built-in DVD player. Many come with built-in DVD players, and you will want to purchase the unit where everything is all inclusive. Be careful for the sellers that are trying to sell you two headrest monitors, just to find out that only one of them has a DVD player, unless you prefer only to have one DVD player. Don’t forget to read the small print on listings like this. However, the benefits of having two DVD players are well worth the money. This means that two different movies can be viewed at the same time or else one can be playing games while the other is playing a movie. Obviously, the choice is yours; our purpose is to inform you of your choices.

Spec #4: Size matters! Will it fit?

The majority of headrest monitors with the headrest pillow included are adjustable to fit a wide variety of vehicles. However, there are still headrest monitors that are not adjustable. Therefore, you are encouraged to take measurements before purchasing one. Measure the distance between the posts on your car and see if the headrest monitors you are interested in will fit that distance.

Spec #5: Sound output

The quality of sound output for headrest monitors can widely vary. Therefore, with the wide variety of choices offered, you will want to test the product you are interested in to make sure that it satisfies your needs. Some monitors have built-in speakers; however, the sound quality may not be suitable for you if you have a loud car, or if you are always driving with kids. Some headrest monitors offer an FM transmitter, so that you can listen to the signal over your car stereo by tuning to the signal the headrests are sent to. Many vehicles that offer this type of sound output can be purchased with these systems already installed. This is great if everyone wants to watch the same movie. But, this is usually difficult to do as the driver and is highly recommended that you do not try. However, if you decide to try it, purchase wireless headphones so you have the option to turn it off when you need to. Many times, if you have children, they may wish to watch two different movies at the same time. If this is the case, you will want to purchase a headrest monitor that offers an IR (infrared) transmission to wireless headphones. Additionally, with IR some will send two IR signals (A/B), while others may only send one IR signal (A). You will want the headrests that can send two signals, so that they don’t interfere with each other.

Spec #6: Power source

Headrest units can be powered two different ways in a vehicle. Some headrest units will be required to wire to the car fuse box, while others will require to be wired to a cigarette lighter. If you are not familiar with your vehicle’s wiring, it is recommended that you purchase a headrest monitor that can be powered up by plugging the DC cord into the cigarette lighter. This will be much easier and safer, and may save you a lot of time and money. However, all of this is determined based on your needs and your knowledge of installing power devices to your fuse box. Therefore, check for this feature before buying your next headrest monitor.

Spec #7: Game controller options

If you are buying headrest monitors to entertain the kids on a long drive, then you may also want the ability to play video games on the headrests. Luckily, this can be accomplished by utilizing our headrest monitors for video playing. Connect the game system to the input on the headrest monitors. In order to connect a gaming unit, such as PlayStation, you need to power it by using a power inverter, which will need to be run straight from the battery and grounded. Then, you will need to connect the video plug, which is yellow and the audio plug, which is red and white, into your headrest monitors. If these instructions are too complicated, then you are recommended to have an auto shop do it for you. It is better to be safe then sorry. However, your best bet would be to purchase a headrest monitor unit that already provides direct connections to game controllers. And if this is the case, you will not have to connect the game system to the input on the headrest monitors.

Purchasing a car headrest monitor can be very rewarding! Nowadays, vehicle entertainment is very popular, especially for people who travel a lot or for families that have children. By understanding your choices of which headrest monitors to purchase, you will be able to enjoy the hassle free benefits of having this available in your vehicle! hope this information was beneficial. If this guide was helpful, please let us know! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. By your feedback, we will know how to improve our guides for future publications.

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