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Overhead Flip Down Car Dvd Monitors Buyers Guide

Now a day’s car without DVD player is very rare. Using DVD player you and your co traveler pass the travelling time as a great pleasure. Here we are going to see overhead DVD players. It is a roof mounted car DVD player. The monitor flips down when it is in active state.
The main reason for choosing overhead style is because of the angle. You can lean your head back against your headrest and watch your favourite movie very comfortably. Today we are going to see about EliteAutoSound-Sales flip down roof mount car DVD players.

Types of overhead DVD players

EliteAutoSound-Sales  Audio is one of the top most car audio equipment manufacturing brand. They have 50 years of experience in professional car audio and video equipments. They deliver a high quality, huge range of products in affordable price. Today we are going to see the latest Overhead DVD players produced by EliteAutoSound-Sales.

Basically there are two types of EliteAutoSound-Sales  overhead DVD players available in market. They are Flip down Roof Mount DVD monitor with FM & IR transmitter and Flip down Roof Mount monitor with built in DVD or USB or SD card players. These two categories widely divide into many sub types with some extra features.

Recent EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip down Roof Mount monitors in market

First let us see about the over head DVD monitor with FM & IR transmitter. These DVD monitors are wide screen TFT-LCD monitors with high resolution. The size of the monitor depends on the model type. The device provide wide viewing angle. IR transmitter is for the usage of wireless headphones (popular among car DVD players).
It comes with built in FM modulators and wireless remote control. The input for the monitor can be an audio or/and video signal. It also supports USB and SD card inputs. The player is DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 compatible one. You can play any audio or video by connecting this monitor with your in-car DVD player.

Some of the latest models of this type of player are EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip Down Roof Mount Monitor & DVD player with Wireless FM Modulator/ IR Transmitter. These models come with 10.4”, 11.3”,  and 17” monitor size comes with super slim models.

Recent EliteAutoSound-Sales  Flip down Roof Mount monitor with built in DVD players in market

The next model is over head monitor with built in DVD player. These are one of the popular roof mount DVD players. It is easy to install and maintain. These players have the same functions as the previous one. The only thing is it has its own built-in DVD player.
Some latest models available in this product are EliteAutoSound-Sales  Roof Mount TFT LCD Monitor with Built-In DVD Player. These types of players come with 9” , 9.2"and 10.4” size monitors. There are few advanced features in this model over the previous one.

EliteAutoSound-Sales  sell a complete line of Car Flip Down Overhead DVD player LCD monitor packages including wireless 32 bit video games and controllers, headphones ( optional ) and other mobile car video entertainment products such as Headrest DVD players and Sun visor LCD monitors.

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8.5" Center Console Armrest Monitor With Built In DVD Player

Portable Central Armrest DVD Player for your car

The most Simple and flexible portable car DVD player in market is central Armrest DVD player. It is an excellent portable entertainment device. Your backseat passengers have great fun while moving. It consists of two-bracket fitting, which allow easily fit for any type of standard car central armrest. You can access this portable device by just plug them in your car cigarette lighter.

Supports Different File Formats

This is one of the simple portable DVD player for car and very easy to install. Most of these devices support different format playback files such as DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 file formats. You can entertain your child on your back seat by playing his favourite movie or music while travelling. It supports almost all video files and audio files.
This package comes with built in stereo speakers and it supports Frequency Modulation (FM) audio output. Like all other car entertainment device, this also supports IR transmitter. Therefore, you can use any wireless headphones or microphones as audio receiver. You can play not only DVD’s but also use memory cards to play your own files. The device supports USB and SD card. Therefore, it is easy for you to access any files in your DVD player.

Display Screen of the player

Normally a TFT LCD monitor is used for display purpose. The monitor size ranges from 7 inch to 10 inch only. The main advantage of using armrest model is that you can swivel the monitor up to 350° angle. Due to this rotating facility, you can twist the player to your decided position. These devices come with full access remote control. Some latest model has touch screen function also. Due to its easy installation, this portable entertainment device becomes more popular among car owners.

Simple and Easy Installation

Installation of the gadget takes only 20 to 30 minutes and not more than that. It is less expensive because single player can replace dual headrest DVD player. It is very good investment for the people who looking for simple and easy portable device for their vehicle.


There are lots of ways to upgrade your in-car entertainment experience. You can go with a car headrest DVD player, a sunvisor dvd player, a flip down overhead DVD monitor or this amazing 8.5 Inch TFT LCD Armrest Monitor With Built In DVD Player! So why this product over the others? In terms of DVD playback for your car, it's the easiest to install. Price-wise, it's one of the most affordable options while providing the best bang for your buck multimedia awesomeness!

How to Install Headrest Dvd Player Monitors in your Car Guide

How to Install Headrest DVD Player Monitors Installation Guide

Headrest DVD players are very common among car users. When set out for long journey with friends or family, you can entertain the rear seat passengers or your kids with headrest DVD players. Do it yourself Headrest DVD players are available from the largest source of Headrest DVD monitors in the country EliteAutoSound-sales. Here we are going to see the installation of headrest DVD player in your car.

If you know how to handle the basic tools, then it is simple and easy for you to install the headrest DVD player in your car. Headrest DVD players are the DVD players fit in your car seat headrest. Normally these DVD players come with monitor attached with Headrest. Installation takes almost one hour for skilled people. Now let us see how to install the player.

  1. Measure the width of the existing headrest post
  2. Remove your factory headrest, This may be done by simply pulling up on the headrest or some models you may need to push a "release" button by the post on the top of the seat.
  3. Install proper post adapters ( if needed ) on the DVD headrest for your vehicle.
  4. Adjust the width of the headrest DVD player post to the existing post.
  5. Once you have removed the factory headrest, you can insert the DVD headrest into the seat holes ( do not connect the power harness before doing this )
  6. Insert the two cable wires in to the two post holes in your seat and run the cable through the car seat to the bottom of the seat.
  7. Each headrest needs a power wiring harnesses to be connected. On each power harness there is a Red ( positive ) and a Black ( Negative/Ground ) wire.
    The red wire needs to be connected to any 12v power source in the vehicle. This is where your knowledge of electronics and the specific vehicle itself play a major role in accomplishing. The most common connections areas of the vehicle are the Battery, The fuse Box, Or if experienced in electronics, you can usually tap in to the center console and link off the cigarette adapter power connection. This is the most convenient since it is close to the headrest.
  8. Optional Easy way to power the headrest is to Connect the power cables with cigarette lighter connection adapters.
  9. Connect the power cable and input cable to the AV output and AV input cables under the seat.
  10. The headrest can now be used individually to watch 2 different DVDs with full function. If you wish to have the ability to watch the same DVD on both headrest you must connect the RCA A/V connections as described below
  11. Each of the headrest have both RCA Audio and Video Input & Output Connections.
  12. You would use standard RCA cables and connect the RCA A/V Input/Outputs ( red/white/Yellow ) to the other headrest RCA A/V Input and Outputs ( Red/White/Yellow)
  13. Once connected correctly, You can turn on both headrest, Insert the DVD into Headrest Number 1, when the DVD begins to play, On headrest number 2, Press the DVD/AV button on the remote, or the mode button on the front of the headrest, this will put Headrest number 2 into AV mode and the image will show on both screens.
  14. Re install the backside of the seat
  15. Now your headrest DVD player monitor is ready to play your favourite movie or music.

You can shop for a variety of 9" Headrest Dvd Players 7" Headrest Dvd Players and other mobile video products such as Flip Down Dvd Players or Sunvisor Dvd players. It doesn't matter what type of entertainment package you're looking for they are available and offer the lowest prices online. We will help you meet your shopping goals and offer you the best selections of products available on the market today. We make it easy for you to search for and find your favorite car video items.

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A must for any parent! Keeping Kids Entertained while Driving!

A Must for Any Parent or Grand Parent!
 Parents... How to Cure to your Children's "Are we there Yet" question in your Vehicle



Are You planning for a long trip this Year that could possibly take several hours, or even days? Could be a trip to the store, or over to the Grand parents house. Wanting a way to keep the family entertained and happy for the entire trip, or just keep the little ones quiet so you can enjoy a moments peace? Headrest dvd monitors without a doubt will keep the family, friends or other passengers entertained for hours, months and years to come! Why have the kids sit in silence when you could be laughing or crying or excited the whole way through watching their favorite DVDs, like Shrek, Toy Story, or Dora?!

Headrest monitors are 7" & 9" LCD screens on the back of the front passengers headrests so the back passengers are provided with constant entertainment such as watching movies or playing games. They are extremely easy to install and are made from amazing quality materials and workmanship with life time warranty.

Don’t let the kids scream and fight in the back! Let them sit there quietly and play games or watch a great movie like Shrek or Rugrats. Or when your friends are sitting in the back let them enjoy a nice action pack movie like Lethal Weapon. Too much noise? Our
headrest monitors come with wireless headphones so you can sit in the front listening to your favorite music or radio station while it’s all quiet in the back!


Some features of the more high quality headrest monitors have their own built in speakers, SD card slot, USB and built in FM and IR transmitter. Many of the monitors support DVD, CD, DVD+-R/W, CD+-R/W, MP3, MP4, DivX, WMA and JPEG and the best part is it won’t kill your battery as it only needs a power supply of 12V so there’s no need to tell the kids to play less or turn down the volume!

EliteAutoSound-Sales is one of the fastest online growing car electronics provider out there. We have life long customers who love the customer service provided and the quality of everything we sell. We have 24 hr shipping, meaning your items will ship the same day as you place your order in most cases.

We have a Coupon Code: SAVETODAY and you will receive $10 off your order & Free Shipping using the code during checkout. We also offer a huge variety of Flip Down Monitors, and Sun visor Monitors both with Built in DVD players.

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needs today!

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Headrest Dvd Monitors 65% Off Sale! Free Shipping

Headrest Dvd Player Monitor Dual 9"

Headrest Dvd Player Monitor Dual 7"

Flip Down Dvd Player Monitor

Sunvisor Dvd Player

Sunvisor Monitor

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You can shop for a variety of 9" Headrest DVD Players , 7" Headrest DVD Players and other mobile video products such as Flip Down DVD Players or Sun visor DVD players. It doesn't matter what type of entertainment package you're looking for we have them available and offer the lowest prices online. We will help you meet your shopping goals and offer you the best selections of products available on the market today. We make it easy for you to search for and find your favorite car video items and then checkout securely online with the help of our secure payment processing options. Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your shopping experience.

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Headrest Dvd Monitors VS Overhead Flip Down Dvd Monitors

Headrest DVD players are one of the most popular in car DVD players for adding multimedia rear entertainment for mid size and large family sedans. Headrest DVD players are equipped with large monitors, built in speakers, Fm Transmitters, Ir Transmitters and Game functions. Headrest DVD players will bring in Car Entertainment to your children and passengers during road trips and general travel in traffic. Headrest DVD players come in single or dual DVD players option. Click Here EliteAutoSound-Sales for more information, Photos and Choices on headrest dvd players.


Overhead DVD players & Flip down DVD players are the perfect mobile video solution for family vehicles such as SUV, vans or Trucks. Overhead dvd players have flip down monitors ranging from 9" to 17". Some with built-in DVD players. Overhead dvd players all have IR transmitters for use with wireless Headphones and FM transmitters that allow the sound to play through your vehicles existing speaker system wirelessly.

May we interest you in transforming your car into a Mobile Entertainment Vehicle with our range of in car DVD players products?!

By Adding car dvd monitor systems in your vehicle, whether by using an overhead DVD monitor / flip down DVD monitor or headrest DVD player, you will add an excitement, comfort and enjoyability into your everyday driving experience. Those long Road trips will be a joy now with the children being entertained watching their favorite DVD movies or playing the built in video game many packages come with.

If you have a family sedan - then the best car video system for you is either Overhead Dvd Player or headrest DVD player. A dual zone DVD system which has 2 Headrest DVD monitors, both with their own built in DVD players will enable your passengers to Watch 2 different DVDs at once or have the option of watching the same DVD on both screens. These are very popular and are available at . If you choose to use the headrest DVD option, then your kids choose what movie they want to watch and control everything from the headrest themselves, no turning around or causing unsafe driving conditions so you can focus on the road. With You also have the choice of dual DVD player or single DVD player packages, based on your needs and budget.

With large vehicles like an SUV or Van - then you should consider an overhead DVD player monitor / flip down DVD players Car Overhead DVD or Flip down DVD players are great for family vans or large SUVs, the flip down monitors will conceal nicely when not in use, flat against the roof liner of your vehicle, and they come with built in dome lights which are nice at night. These units come standard with RCA video input and outputs for these overhead DVD players will allow you to plug in your PS2 or Xbox or other Gaming system which will let your kids play their favorite games on the road, quietly while traveling on those long road trips. Some Flip down DVD monitors even have built in gaming systems in them already for your kids entertainment! Range of Headrest DVD monitors, Overhead DVD monitors and even Sun visor DVD monitors, give you the option of full control, wireless headphones and even built-in games. It is all based on your imagination and you needs for your vehicle. We have a package for every vehicle, person and budget.

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Headrest Dvd Player Monitors Are Great For In Car Entertainment for Kids!

Whether sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, or covering a lot of ground on the open highway, its nice to have some entertainment. car DVD players can be attached to the dashboard, headrest, or roof of your car, and provide DVD or TV entertainment for your entire drive. EliteAutoSound-Sales car DVD players are high quality products with today's latest features, and are brought to you at the lowest prices available. Here you can also find complete car DVD system which can be fitted on the roof, sunvisor, or headrest. is the place to shop for a all your Car Video Entertainment needs!

Viewing movies inside your car is not just for you but also for your passenger. Since most of car DVD players are usually installed in the front seat, your passengers won't fully benefit from it. Headrest DVD Players are made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With LCD monitors installed at the headrest of your car seats, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Headrest DVD Players are ideal for a family car’s because all the members of the family will surely benefit from it.

We all know how boring and tiresome long car trip can be and having some entertainment would make a long trip more pleasurable. With Flip Down DVD Player your family members can enjoy movies from the back seat of the car. That will keep the kids quite. Roof Mount DVD Players is made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With up to 15 inch LCD monitors installed on the roof of your car, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Spice up your long trip with these flip down car DVD players from

Thank you for visiting All our Products ship within 24 hrs or 1 business day. We ship from NY and you receive your purchases very quickly.

You can shop for a variety of 9" Headrest Dvd Players , 7" Headrest Dvd Players and other mobile video products such as Flip Down Dvd Players or Sunvisor Dvd players. It doesn't matter what type of entertainment package you're looking for we have them available and offer the lowest prices online. We will help you meet your shopping goals and offer you the best selections of products available on the market today. We make it easy for you to search for and find your favorite car video items and then checkout securely online with the help of our secure payment processing options. Thank you for visiting us and enjoy your shopping experience.

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Buy the best headrest dvd players for your car or suv.

Imagine this: it's summer vacation time. You've got the family packed into the minivan and you've been on the road for hours. It's hot, even with the air conditioning on. But not once have the kids in the back complained, asking if you're there yet. In fact, you've been enjoying the radio, and haven't heard a peep out of them, except maybe the occasional fit of the giggles. How is this possible? You have the power of mobile video on your side.

Mobile video has really taken off as a fun, viable, and even necessary addition to in-car entertainment. Several new SUV and minivan models feature mobile video components as factory options, and a growing number of people have decided to retro-fit their vehicles with video entertainment systems.

Why mobile video?
There are plenty of reasons for stepping up to mobile video, including:

Entertainment. There's no denying that every trip, from jaunts to the local supermarket to cross-country vacation hauls, are much easier and more enjoyable when the kids have access to engaging entertainment options. Backseat video systems, for which there are plenty of options we'll explore a little later, allow your kids to watch their favorite movies and cartoons, or, in some cases, even play their video game system. As a bonus to you, most incorporate headphones into the system, so they'll be able to hear the movies privately, while you still enjoy the radio up front.

Safety. Some video systems give you the option of connecting a navigation system, which provides turn-by-turn visual and voice directions, which help you get where you're going efficiently and accurately. Not having to fiddle with conventional maps is a huge advantage, especially if you're driving through unfamiliar territory for the first time. Some systems also allow you to connect a backup camera, which can be a tremendous safety enhancement to larger vehicles, such as RVs.

The Wow! Factor. Few mobile electronics components cause the stir that mobile video does. Take in-dash receivers with monitors for example — if you've got one installed in your dash, the first time your passengers see the retractable monitor motoring out of the dash and into position, they won't be able to help oohing and ahhing. Some systems offer touch-screen controls, which never fails to impress. Just the on-screen graphics alone are enough to produce delight in most people.

The car is a fun environment in which to watch movies. It's great to be able to watch your favorite movies in the backseat when the vehicle's in motion. And it's just as enjoyable to pop a DVD in an in-dash receiver, park the car, and start the show. If you go with a comprehensive setup, you can even get true 5.1 home-theater-style sound, which sounds spectacular in the cozy environment of the car.

The Wild Cards. Mobile video systems drastically expand the number of entertainment options you can have in your vehicle. Movies, video games, local television, even satellite television (we're not kidding) are all available for use in your car, truck, van, or SUV. And mobile video technology just keeps getting better all the time.

Headrest monitors
In systems that involve separate components, LCD monitors, which generally range from 5 to 7 inches, are often mounted in the front-seat headrests. You can install your own screens in your factory headrests, or pickup headrests with the screens already installed.

EliteAutoSound-Sales have designed factory replacement headrests that have monitors already installed. They look remarkably like the factory originals, even down to the fabric color and texture, and simply take their place in the seat.

Factory-style headrests simply take the place of your vehicle's factory headrest, and feature monitors already installed. The fabric and color of the replacement headrest match your vehicle's interior.

In either case, once you've installed the monitor, you'll have to connect it to a separate player. Component DVD players (or videocassette players) can be mounted in out-of-the-way locations: center consoles are very popular choices; under the seat can make sense, as well. You'll just have to make sure you can access its front panel in order to insert and remove your discs. And don't forget, you can use an in-dash DVD receiver with backseat monitors; the receiver becomes the main media source in this scenario.

The video outputs of your player should be connected to the video inputs of the monitors with video cables specifically designed for mobile applications — they'll be better insulated than cables designed for use in-home, and will generally keep radiated "noise," which is always prevalent in a mobile environment, from sneaking into the system and degrading your video quality. You'll also have to connect the audio outputs of your player to an audio component in order to hear your DVDs; we'll discuss your audio options momentarily.

Fold-down overhead monitors are popular, too, especially in SUVs and minivans, where there's plenty of space. Between mounting and wiring them, they demand a fairly significant amount of installation expertise; if you go this route, you might consider letting a professional handle the installation.

Regardless of who installs it, however, there are certainly some inherent advantages to an overhead monitor. Mounting a monitor on the ceiling makes it much easier for all your backseat passengers to see the picture. This type of monitor is also well out of harm's way whenever you're loading or unloading cargo from your vehicle. Some include built-in dome lights, in case you have to mount it over your vehicle's factory dome light. Some are also compatible with housings that have been designed for specific vehicles (that let you retain factory ceiling-mounted controls and displays).

As with a headrest monitor, you'll have to connect an overhead monitor to a separate media player and to an audio component.

Overhead monitors, like this model with built-in DVD player, secure to your vehicle's ceiling, and fold up and out of the way when not in use.

There are, however, overhead monitor packages that help make things significantly easier for you. Some feature DVD players built right into the housings, which reduces the number of wiring connections you have to make. Some overhead monitor/player combos even feature built-in wireless FM modulators, which beam the audio signal over an unused FM frequency directly to your factory stereo, as well as infrared transmitters, that send the audio signal wirelessly to a set of compatible headphones. These all-encompassing systems eliminate the need for you to run wiring all through your vehicle; your primary concern will focus solely on installing the monitor and housing on your vehicle's ceiling.

Player/monitor combos
The easiest solution of all in the backseat mobile video arena is a self-contained player/monitor combination. These usually simply strap onto the back of your vehicle's front seats (typically at the headrest) and plug into the cigarette lighter for power. They'll feature some sort of audio output (such as headphone jacks, and/or an RCA composite set of audio/video outputs). They're convenient, easy-to-install, and totally portable. The only drawbacks: their picture quality tends not to be quite as good as systems with separate components, and their sound-delivery options are slightly limited. They also might not install as neatly as or exactly where you'd like them to, which can in turn limit their visibility. But if you're looking for a "quick fix" that requires no installation work, these are certainly viable options.

Headrest DVD player/monitor combos, like this are a great solution. They give you everything you need for instant, installation-free video entertainment.

Making sure you can hear your system
With any system, you'll have to find a way to hear the sound. A few monitors out there have audio inputs (so they'll receive the audio signal from the player) and jacks for wired headphones; simply plug the headphones in, and you have instant audio. Most likely, you'll want to connect the audio to a transmitter for wireless headphones.

There are two types of wireless headphones and transmitters: RF (radio frequency) and IR (infrared). In both cases, the audio output from your media source connects directly to the transmitter via audio patch cables. RF transmitters "broadcast" the audio signal over a specific radio frequency wavelength to its compatible set (or sets) of headphones. Because they use radio frequencies, the transmitters can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle; the headphones act as "antennas." These work remarkably well; the only potential drawback is that they might be susceptible to slight radio interference (although that's generally unlikely). IR transmitters "beam" the audio signal directly to a set of compatible headphones. They aren't susceptible to interference like RF transmitters are, but the transmitter itself must be mounted within a direct line of sight of the headphones; obstacles will block the signal from reaching the headphones.

Wireless headphones, allow backseat passengers to listen to the video source privately.

You can also use your vehicle's sound system to play your video soundtracks, if you prefer. If your receiver has auxiliary inputs (as some aftermarket receivers do), you can connect the audio from your media source directly to them using audio patch cables. If your receiver doesn't have auxiliary inputs (as is the case with many aftermarket and nearly all factory receivers), you can use an FM modulator. The audio from your source connects directly to the modulator; the modulator then connects to your radio's antenna input (power and ground connections are required, too), and "broadcasts" the sound over an unused FM frequency.

As previously mentioned, you might find a system that uses a wireless FM modulator. It operates on the same principle as wired modulators, except it doesn't require you to make a direct connection to your radio's antenna input, which is remarkably convenient! Like wireless headphones, wireless modulators may fall prey to occasional interference, and the range of frequencies over which they can broadcast can be a bit more limited than those of hard-wired versions. But they can solve some very tricky installation problems, by eliminating the need for you to access the back of your radio.

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How to Add Car Video Monitor Packages to Your Vehicle

Those long car rides and cross-country road trips will go a lot faster with a little in car entertainment to speed things along. There are a number of car audio and video options for adding mobile video to your vehicle with many features such as game controllers and wireless headphones. At least one of the car video options below will probably work for your car with a no problems. Simply choose the one that suited to your needs, and click on the link to learn more.

Visor mount: This system locates the car video screen on one of the front-seat visors. Strap-on monitors simply clip or strap to your existing sun visor. Monitor-visor combos replace factory-installed visors and have a built-in mobile video-screen. Many driver-side visor systems have a car video blackout feature, so that the driver can't be distracted while driving.

Sun Visor monitors - We carry the very best sun visor monitors and sun visor DVD players technology on the market today. Sun visor monitors and DVD players are an interesting and cool way view your favorite movies without the screen space limitations in-dash car DVD players normally present.

Overhead mount: Overhead car video screens offer some of the largest screens available. These car video players may combine the screen and player in a foldaway screen that's flush with the ceiling, or the actual DVD or Blu-ray player may be located underneath one of the seats.

The Flip Down DVD Player Monitor is compatible with a all vehicles. A wireless Remote control is supplied for the DVD player/screen. You can add an extra A/V source if you wish. Simple, elegant and with wide compatibility as well as the utter ease of installation and wireless inclusion into your audio system.

All components necessary for first-class multimedia are already permanently integrated into the Flip Down DVD Monitor player.

For relaxing and relaxed rear seat entertainment in the car, Flip down DVD player monitors are the best solution because the passengers on the rear seat have these in front of them without straining their necks.

Headrest video monitors are another great option for backseat viewing. You can install headrest video monitors in your existing headrests or just replace the headrests with custom-made headrest video monitors. The replacement headrest models are probably the simplest to install yourself. When two headrest video monitors are mounted, they can be connected to separate car video sources. One passenger can use the car video player while another plays video games.

These Car DVD headrest monitors also come with the best built in video game player! Our packages offer 8 Bit and 32 Bit game options, depending on the package you select. Our packages will include gaming Cd's for both systems which have 100's of preloaded games on them with the option of downloading more through the Internet web site provided with the packages. There is even support for multi player so up to 4 people can play during those long road trips and this will help keep all the kids occupied and entertained while providing you the "sounds of silence" we all wish we had during travel.

Connect Multiple external devices With these headrest monitors you can also use the built in A/V inputs and outputs to connect any other A/V source with the RCA (Yellow/White/Red) connections on both headrest. Common uses include; gaming systems, digital TV receivers, digital camcorders, our Car Flip Down Monitors and more. There is even a USB card reader slot. And to make sure you don't distract the driver there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack for the best way of connecting to your wired headphones and a IR transmitter if you have wireless headphones ( Optional ).

These Car headrest DVD monitors install quickly and easily and are the perfect device for watching your favorite movies with since they use a high quality native 16:9 wide screen display LCD screens. Transform your boring ride into an enjoyable mobile entertainment media center for your friends, family and guests, and purchase these Car DVD headrests today.

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How To Choose Headrest Dvd Players Reviews

Before you purchase a car headrest monitor with DVD player, there are certain specifications that you may want to consider. You are encouraged not to purchase the first one you see, without knowing what these specs are! This guide will provide you with what to look for in a car headrest monitor, which will make your purchase a much more pleasant one. Make sure that you examine the product label specifications. These specs will provide you with all of the information you need in determining whether or not the product meets your expectations. The following are seven specs to research and consider when purchasing your car headrest monitor:

Spec #1: Headrest Pillow Included

Monitors can be sold with or without the headrest pillow. Therefore, make sure to purchase the monitor with a headrest pillow included. These days, many monitors come with pillows, which will make the installation process much simpler. This also makes it much easier than to have to actually cut a hole in your existing headrests!

Spec #2: Screen is made as a thin film transfer (TFT)

A thin film transistor monitor will display much better quality images. The majority of LCD monitors now use thin film transistors. This is because each pixel has its very own separate and tiny transistor. These tiny transistors do not require as much charge, so the displays of the pictures can be transferred quickly. This makes fast moving images effectively displayed for game playing, as well as other high quality digital media. Another benefit to viewing a TFT screen is that the picture can be seen from an angle. These days, the majority of screens are TFT; however, there still are some that are not. Therefore, when considering which kind to purchase, check on the product specification label to be sure it is made as a thin film transfer.

Spec #3: Built-in DVD Player

It is very important to understand whether or not your monitor has a built-in DVD player. Many come with built-in DVD players, and you will want to purchase the unit where everything is all inclusive. Be careful for the sellers that are trying to sell you two headrest monitors, just to find out that only one of them has a DVD player, unless you prefer only to have one DVD player. Don’t forget to read the small print on listings like this. However, the benefits of having two DVD players are well worth the money. This means that two different movies can be viewed at the same time or else one can be playing games while the other is playing a movie. Obviously, the choice is yours; our purpose is to inform you of your choices.

Spec #4: Size matters! Will it fit?

The majority of headrest monitors with the headrest pillow included are adjustable to fit a wide variety of vehicles. However, there are still headrest monitors that are not adjustable. Therefore, you are encouraged to take measurements before purchasing one. Measure the distance between the posts on your car and see if the headrest monitors you are interested in will fit that distance.

Spec #5: Sound output

The quality of sound output for headrest monitors can widely vary. Therefore, with the wide variety of choices offered, you will want to test the product you are interested in to make sure that it satisfies your needs. Some monitors have built-in speakers; however, the sound quality may not be suitable for you if you have a loud car, or if you are always driving with kids. Some headrest monitors offer an FM transmitter, so that you can listen to the signal over your car stereo by tuning to the signal the headrests are sent to. Many vehicles that offer this type of sound output can be purchased with these systems already installed. This is great if everyone wants to watch the same movie. But, this is usually difficult to do as the driver and is highly recommended that you do not try. However, if you decide to try it, purchase wireless headphones so you have the option to turn it off when you need to. Many times, if you have children, they may wish to watch two different movies at the same time. If this is the case, you will want to purchase a headrest monitor that offers an IR (infrared) transmission to wireless headphones. Additionally, with IR some will send two IR signals (A/B), while others may only send one IR signal (A). You will want the headrests that can send two signals, so that they don’t interfere with each other.

Spec #6: Power source

Headrest units can be powered two different ways in a vehicle. Some headrest units will be required to wire to the car fuse box, while others will require to be wired to a cigarette lighter. If you are not familiar with your vehicle’s wiring, it is recommended that you purchase a headrest monitor that can be powered up by plugging the DC cord into the cigarette lighter. This will be much easier and safer, and may save you a lot of time and money. However, all of this is determined based on your needs and your knowledge of installing power devices to your fuse box. Therefore, check for this feature before buying your next headrest monitor.

Spec #7: Game controller options

If you are buying headrest monitors to entertain the kids on a long drive, then you may also want the ability to play video games on the headrests. Luckily, this can be accomplished by utilizing our headrest monitors for video playing. Connect the game system to the input on the headrest monitors. In order to connect a gaming unit, such as PlayStation, you need to power it by using a power inverter, which will need to be run straight from the battery and grounded. Then, you will need to connect the video plug, which is yellow and the audio plug, which is red and white, into your headrest monitors. If these instructions are too complicated, then you are recommended to have an auto shop do it for you. It is better to be safe then sorry. However, your best bet would be to purchase a headrest monitor unit that already provides direct connections to game controllers. And if this is the case, you will not have to connect the game system to the input on the headrest monitors.

Purchasing a car headrest monitor can be very rewarding! Nowadays, vehicle entertainment is very popular, especially for people who travel a lot or for families that have children. By understanding your choices of which headrest monitors to purchase, you will be able to enjoy the hassle free benefits of having this available in your vehicle! hope this information was beneficial. If this guide was helpful, please let us know! Feedback is always welcome and encouraged. By your feedback, we will know how to improve our guides for future publications.