Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Cure to your Childrens "Are we there Yet" question in your Vehicle~

Are You planning for a long trip that could possibly take several hours, or even days? Could be a trip to the store, or over to the Grand parents house. Wanting a way to keep the family entertained and happy for the entire trip, or just keep the little ones quiet so you can enjoy a moments peace? Headrest dvd monitors without a doubt will keep the family, friends or other passengers entertained for hours, months and years to come! Why have the kids sit in silence when you could be laughing or crying or excited the whole way through watching their favorite DVDs, like Shrek, Toy Story, or Dora?!

Headrest monitors are 7″ & 9" LCD screens on the back of the front passengers headrests so the back passengers are provided with constant entertainment such as watching movies or playing games. They are extremely easy to install and are made from amazing quality materials and workmanship with life time warranty.

Don’t let the kids scream and fight in the back! Let them sit there quietly and play games or watch a great movie like Shrek or Rugrats. Or when your friends are sitting in the back let them enjoy a nice action pack movie like Lethal Weapon. Too much noise? Our headrest monitors come with wireless headphones so you can sit in the front listening to your favorite music or radio station while it’s all quiet in the back!

Some features of the more high quality headrest monitors have their own built in speakers, SD card slot, USB and built in FM and IR transmitter. Many of the monitors support DVD, CD, DVD+-R/W, CD+-R/W, MP3, MP4, DivX, WMA and JPEG and the best part is it won’t kill your battery as it only needs a power supply of 12V so there’s no need to tell the kids to play less or turn down the volume!

EliteAutoSound-Sales is one of the fastest online growing car electronics provider out there. We have life long customers who love the customer service provided and the quality of everything we sell. We have 24 hr shipping, meaning your items will ship the same day as you place your order in most cases.

We have a Coupon Code: SAVETODAY and you will receive $10 off your order using the code during checkout. We also offer a huge variety of Flip Down Monitors, and Sunvisor Monitors both with Built in DVD players.

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