Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spice up your long trip with headrest dvd player monitors

Whether sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, or covering a lot of ground on the open highway, its nice to have some entertainment. Our car DVD players can be attached to the dashboard, headrest, or roof of your car, and provide DVD or TV entertainment for your entire drive. These in car DVD players are quality products and are brought to you at the lowest prices available. Here you can also find complete car DVD system which can be fitted on the roof, armrest, in-dash or headrest. is the place to shop for a car DVD Player.

Viewing movies inside your car is not just for you but also for your passenger. Since most of car DVD players are usually installed in the front seat, your passengers won't fully benefit from it. Headrest DVD Players are made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With LCD monitors installed at the headrest of your car seats, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Headrest DVD Player is ideal for a family car’s because all the members of the family will surely benefit from it.

We all know how boring and tiresome long car trip can be and having some entertainment would make a long trip more pleasurable. With Flip Down DVD Player your family members can enjoy movies from the back seat of the car. That will keep the kids quite. Roof Mount DVD Player is made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With up to 17 inch LCD monitors installed on the roof of your car, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Spice up your long trip with these flip down car DVD players!

Monday, September 27, 2010

No more "Are We There Yet". Keeping kids quietly entertained on long road trips.

EliteAutoSound-Sales, one of the fastest growing online resources for Car Mobile Video Products, launched a brand new customer-focused,mobile video based web site this month. The site, , is designed in direct response to EliteAutoSound-Sales research into what the customer really wants.

No more "Are We There Yet". Keeping kids quietly entertained on long road trips.
EliteAutoSound-Sales Chief Executive Joseph Suznovich says: "At EliteAutoSound-Sales we have always taken customer care very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and taking their views in to consideration when building our product base. Over the last year we have studied customer needs, wants and opinions and the results have influenced the new web site design and content."

Our customer base is built from Parents of young children and a strong following of people into Custom Vehicle accessorizing. Parents have long looked for the answer to combat the infamous question from their children while driving, " Are We There Yet". That question is now a thing of the past. Children can now watch their favorite Movies such as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story, all while sitting quietly in their parents vehicle. Having DVD monitors in your vehicle give your children the ability to be entertained while providing the parent the safety and sanity of driving with no distractions.

EliteAutoSound-Sales is making the integration of a Mobile Video entertainment package in your vehicle easier than ever. The new Web site, gives customers detailed information, close-up photographs of all its quality products and offers products from all ranges and needs.

Products of high quality and performance are what people need and are looking for. With the vast array of In-Car video systems, buyers want a web site with easy navigation to all the products they are interested in. Weather it is Headrest DVD Player Monitors, Roof Mount Monitors, Overhead DVD Players or Sun Visor LCD Monitors, buyers have a huge selection of products to choose from to meet their own, specific needs.

"Our customers want to be able to choose on-line, to see the products and find out who we are and have the ability to ask questions," says Joseph Suznovich. "We are a successful, growing and strongly reliable company. We are continually innovating and improving our products and services. The new web site is the natural next step.

The company has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation in 2002. Joseph Suznovich added: "We are in a competitive market. Customers rightly expect a good deal and a professional service. At we know that our products are not only the very best available but also that we listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future."

For further information please contact:

Joseph Suznovich

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Headrest Dvd Players Are The Easy Choice for Car Entertainment Today

Today, it’s quite difficult to find a normal video player (VCR). Most electrical retailers don’t even carry old style VCR anymore because of the popularity of newer DVD technologies. DVDs not only offer more quality, but they are also cheaper to produce and smaller to store. Unless you have some old VCR films at home, and you haven’t still converted them, then what you need is a DVD player.

As always, the advantages are technological. A DVD- aka Digital Versatile Discs – are like Cd's and hold audio or video data several times as much as a normal CD. Modern DVD, no matter if it’s the Standard Definition or newer High Definition like Blu-Ray DVD, renders sharp pictures, clear sound and a lot of extras. However, people want always more. Watching a DVD a home is not enough. You can now watch a DVD in your car. Of course, not while driving, but your children in the rear seat may appreciate being able to watch a DVD on a headrest DVD player.

As with any DVD player, your headrest DVD player must provide access to language options and also play Cd's. It has to be user-friendly, since you’ll be using it during some short journeys as well as on longer trips. The connection to the headrest is an important specification to look at. The DVD headrest must be well attached to the headrest. It must be well made and it must feel solid. In case of an accident, it must stay there where you put it, at the headrest.

If possible, it should be compatible with a number of DVD formats, like DVD-RAM or DVD+R/RW. Most DVD players are compatible with these formats.

Headrest DVD players don’t have to be bought separately from a car. Some new cars already come with an integrated headrest DVD player,built in, well, the headrest. You can also buy a new headrest with built-in DVD player for your current seats. You just have to slide it into the headrest holes in your seats.

If you have children, you know that they don’t always agree on what they want to watch. Rather than deal with the dangerous distraction caused by arguing children in the backseat, many parents are opting to install multiple headrest DVD players on the front seats. Then each child can watch what they want and if they use headphones for the audio, there won’t be a war of sounds for you to deal with.

You can even convert your headrest DVD player to a full fledged media outlet with the right specifications. Generally, you can hook up your choice of video game systems to the headrest DVD player just like your television at home. If the headrest DVD player features a USB connection, like many do today, you can also hook up your mp3 player if you choose.

There are many other features that can be found in a headrest DVD player that may not be as vital but can make your viewing more comfortable. Swivel-heads is a newer feature found in some models that make it easier to view from all angles when you have multiple viewers in the back seats. Be sure to compare both features and pricing until you find the unit that will best suit your family’s needs.