Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Everyone with Kids Needs A Dual Headrest Dvd Player Monitor System

If you really want to impress people with your vehicle, you get a built in headrest dvd player. These players are a lot cheaper and a lot easier to afford, than they used to be. This article will be about the advantages of a headrest dvd player. One of these players will make very long trips, seem much shorter. Also, nothing keeps the kids under control like a good movie. If you ever have to go somewhere and wait outside, you can pass the time by watching a movie on your DVD player. What could honestly be better than that?

Everyone has to travel from time to time. You may be on your way to vacation or maybe a business trip. No matter how you look at it, you want time to go faster while your on the road. Hopefully you'll have a partner so you won't have to drive the whole way. When it's their turn to drive you can watch some DVD movies and watch the miles fly by. This is a great way to pass the time and make a trip go a lot faster. Your headrest dvd player can save the day.

Sometimes it can be hard to take a trip when your kids are in the back of the car fighting each other. What better way to keep the kids under control than install a headrest dvd player. You'll have an impressive looking device that the kids can use. This will keep them busy for hours and will keep them out of each others hair. Your kids can spend less time fighting and more time being entertained. Kids usually have a short attention span, but that changes when movies are usually involved. When driving long distances you need to concentrate you can drive safely. So enjoy your trip more while your DVD player can babysit your kids while you drive.

If you've ever had to wait for a store to open, to get tickets or something similar, you know how time can drag. With a headrest DVD player, time will fly. You can throw on your favorite comedy show, TV show or whatever you like. Just make sure you keep an eye on your watch while your using your DVD player, time will really go that fast. Your friends can even enjoy your player while your driving. This is just another advantage you'll have when you have a headrest dvd player.

In closing, there are a ton of advantages to installing a headrest dvd player. Your friends will be impressed and time will fly. This DVD player will make long trips seem a lot shorter. It will even help you keep your kids under control. Also, you can watch movies while waiting in your car for a store to open on Christmas or some other time of the year. So if you have the money to get a headrest dvd player I suggest you do it. You'll be glad your did and your kids will appreciate it as well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Cure to your Childrens "Are we there Yet" question in your Vehicle~

Are You planning for a long trip that could possibly take several hours, or even days? Could be a trip to the store, or over to the Grand parents house. Wanting a way to keep the family entertained and happy for the entire trip, or just keep the little ones quiet so you can enjoy a moments peace? Headrest dvd monitors without a doubt will keep the family, friends or other passengers entertained for hours, months and years to come! Why have the kids sit in silence when you could be laughing or crying or excited the whole way through watching their favorite DVDs, like Shrek, Toy Story, or Dora?!

Headrest monitors are 7″ & 9" LCD screens on the back of the front passengers headrests so the back passengers are provided with constant entertainment such as watching movies or playing games. They are extremely easy to install and are made from amazing quality materials and workmanship with life time warranty.

Don’t let the kids scream and fight in the back! Let them sit there quietly and play games or watch a great movie like Shrek or Rugrats. Or when your friends are sitting in the back let them enjoy a nice action pack movie like Lethal Weapon. Too much noise? Our headrest monitors come with wireless headphones so you can sit in the front listening to your favorite music or radio station while it’s all quiet in the back!

Some features of the more high quality headrest monitors have their own built in speakers, SD card slot, USB and built in FM and IR transmitter. Many of the monitors support DVD, CD, DVD+-R/W, CD+-R/W, MP3, MP4, DivX, WMA and JPEG and the best part is it won’t kill your battery as it only needs a power supply of 12V so there’s no need to tell the kids to play less or turn down the volume!

EliteAutoSound-Sales is one of the fastest online growing car electronics provider out there. We have life long customers who love the customer service provided and the quality of everything we sell. We have 24 hr shipping, meaning your items will ship the same day as you place your order in most cases.

We have a Coupon Code: SAVETODAY and you will receive $10 off your order using the code during checkout. We also offer a huge variety of Flip Down Monitors, and Sunvisor Monitors both with Built in DVD players.

Visit now for your headrest dvd monitor needs today!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Headrest Dvd Monitor Installation Tips

Automotive video system components vary by manufacturer, but there are a few general rules you can follow when installing a car video system. In general, you'll need the following equipment for a basic system:

•a DVD receiver
DVD receiver
A DVD receiver provides almost everything you need to get started with a mobile video system. The receiver will play your videos on the built-in screen (when the car is parked), and also let you send the video output to external monitors in the back when you're driving. Most models feature dual-zone capabilities, so the driver can listen to one source, while the backseat passengers watch a DVD.

There are many different options for monitors that can be used in a vehicle. An in-dash monitor/receiver package can be as simple to install as a typical CD player, while a custom-mounted monitor can require fabrication of panels in order to be integrated with the vehicle's interior. Several manufacturers now make generic enclosures that allow you to install a monitor in an overhead console, in the backs of a seat's headrest, or in the rear of the center console.

No matter what method is used to install the monitors, any monitor installed in the front includes a wire that must be attached either to the emergency brake or to the gear selector sensor — an in-dash monitor will not operate unless the vehicle is stopped and the emergency brake is applied. Furthermore, in most states it's illegal to have a video monitor operating in plain sight of the driver while the vehicle is in motion (unless the monitor is being used to supplement the rear-view mirror or is used for navigation).

Monitor Installation Options
For installation of roof, headrest, or console monitors, some dis assembly of the mounting location will be required.

1.To install a monitor in a housing attached to the roof panel, you'll have to drop the vehicle's headliner (at least partially), and cut a hole through it (which will be hidden by the enclosure) in order to route your wiring.

2.For headrest monitors, you've got two options: you can install a monitor in your existing headrest, or you can go with a replacement headrest with a built-in monitor. To install a monitor in your existing headrest, you must remove the headrest from the seat, cut into the headrest (depending upon how the kit is made), and install a frame (included with the monitor mounting kit). Once the frame is in, wrap the headrest material around the frame, and snap the monitor into the frame — this should hold the entire assembly together. You can often route the video wiring through the headrest bars into the seat, and through the inside of the seat to the floor. Or, you can purchase a replacement headrest with a built-in monitor. These headrests are designed to match your factory headrest color and fabric, for easy integration, and all the cables run through the tubular chrome posts.

3.For console monitors, you'll have to either remove the console and replace a piece of it, or replace the entire console, depending upon the kit and/or the car. In all cases, dis assembly of other parts of the vehicle will be necessary in order to route your video cables.
Multichannel sound in the car
If you are planning on using a DVD player as your video source, do you want to take full advantage of the DVD's multichannel soundtrack (5.1 Dolby® Digital and/or DTS)? If so, you will need to consider the following issues:

•The Source: Does your DVD receiver or DVD player have a built-in multi-channel decoder/processor or will you need to purchase an external device? If the decoder is not built in, be sure your receiver or player has a digital output so it can send the digital audio signal to an external processor.

•The Sound: To enjoy the full effect of a 5.1 Dolby Digital and/or DTS soundtrack, you will need six separate channels of amplification for the front left and right speakers, the rear left and right speakers, a center channel speaker, and at least one sub woofer.

•The Sub: The addition of a sub woofer is as easy as buying (or building) a sub woofer/enclosure combination that will fit in your vehicle, and supplying amplification of the low-frequency signal (your amp must have either a built-in low-pass filter or an outboard unit).

•The Speaker: It can be a bit more difficult to integrate a center speaker into your vehicle's interior. Most vehicles will either need custom fabrication to install a center channel. If you don't want to go to this trouble, make sure your receiver, player, or processor has a "phantom" center channel setting — it replicates the sound of a center channel using the front speakers.
Other Options
Satellite television and video systems are starting to make inroads into mobile video. These will require special tuners, antennas, and subscriptions, but offer the potential of a wide range of programming, from sports to kid's shows.

Back Seat System
Another option is dedicating an audio/video system for your back seat passengers — monitor, source, and sound all installed behind the front seats. The convenience and safety of this option — passengers quietly entertaining themselves in the backseats while the driver concentrates on the road — makes it a popular choice in family vehicles.

All In One Systems
Keep in mind that we're describing the installation of some pretty sophisticated equipment here. But if you'd like to keep it simple, it's also possible to get "all-in-one" systems — totally portable audio/video setups that use your cigarette lighter (or "Power Port") as the only connection made to the vehicle itself. These systems range from portable DVD players with built-in LCD screens all the way up to a monitor/DVD package in a backpack-style bag that can be strapped onto the back of a front seat.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Headrest Dvd Player's, Todays choice for quality and performance Car Video Entertainment

When you are looking for the best car video system for your car, you are going to hear of a lot of different names. However, when you only have a little bit of money to spend, one company that sticks out from the rest is EliteAutoSound-Sales. They offer outstanding car video systems at amazing prices. These are deals that you are not going to find anywhere else. When you get these kind of car monitors and car video packages, you know that they are going to last a long time, and it’s a company that you can count on. Whenever you are using EliteAutoSound-Sales, you are going to be getting the best for less!

There are many reasons to use EliteAutoSound-Sales video systems in your car. The first and best reason is, because they offer high quality systems at prices that you can afford. This is great, because most companies like to overcharge for the same products. However, these are products that you are going to be able to use day in and day out, and you are not going to have to worry about them breaking down on you.

That is because EliteAutoSound-Sales takes pride in offering great priced systems to people that may not be able to get them in the first place. One of the special things that they sell are their Headrest Dvd player packages. The EliteAutoSound-Sales packages are very pretty looking to top if off. For example, they come in a Black, Gray and Tan/Beige color. Perfect for any type of vehicle.

However, they do not just offer great headrest dvd players, they offer great everything. The best thing that you can do when you get their Headrest dvd players is to get their Flip Down Roof Mount players as well to put in your car. This is going to make the in-car entertainment in your vehicle just sound that much better. By purchasing from , you are going to be able to save money without having to give up on high quality. Remember, the better the quality, not only is it going to sound and picture better, but it’s going to last a long time.

EliteAutoSound-Sales wants your Headrest Dvd Monitor system to sound good. That is because when you are using their systems, if you sound good, then they sound good. It’s as simple as that. They want people to be like, Wow what kind of system do you have? Then you can simply say, EliteAutoSound-Sales. That is what this company wants. When you go into the store and see how low their prices are, you will know the quality, read the testimonials, and know you are getting a quality in car entertainment package for your vehicle that not only your children will love, but any passengers you have.

EliteAutoSound-Sales Official website:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Best place to buy headrest dvd player monitors is here!

Whether you’re having one friend in the car or the whole family, you can’t go wrong with our DVD Headrest Players which are also known as Headrest Monitors. These entertainment DVD Headrest will make any long trip seem short and enjoyable. Our Headrest Monitors also pack a nice punch with many all in one features such as Built-in Games, Built-in DVD players, Built in FM and IR Transmitter, USB Ports, SD Card Slot, Built in Speakers, and much more! So whether you use them for gaming or simply watching TV, the quality that provides when it comes to entertainment is unbeatable and that’s why we sell thousands of Headrest Monitors every month!

Monday, October 4, 2010

keeping yourself entertained even when you are on the go

Are you a victim of boring, time-consuming, endlessly long travels almost everyday of your life? If yes then here is a way of keeping yourself entertained even when you are on the go. The 7 Inch Headrest DVD Player is all about entertainment and fun especially because it comes with Emulator and FM Transmitter and that’s not all it also boasts of a built in video game player. Go down memory lane as you play NES and SNES games directly on this device. Movie-buffs will love this device as it includes a CD with over 550 all-time favorite titles.

Theft and damage has no place in a car with the 7" Headrest dvd player. They are constructed from high quality leather and have a zipper on the side so you can hide them when not in use. It even includes DIVX compatibility, headphone jacks, a wireless remote, composite AV inputs, SD card reader and even a USB port for accessing multimedia content.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spice up your long trip with headrest dvd player monitors

Whether sitting in bumper to bumper traffic, or covering a lot of ground on the open highway, its nice to have some entertainment. Our car DVD players can be attached to the dashboard, headrest, or roof of your car, and provide DVD or TV entertainment for your entire drive. These in car DVD players are quality products and are brought to you at the lowest prices available. Here you can also find complete car DVD system which can be fitted on the roof, armrest, in-dash or headrest. is the place to shop for a car DVD Player.

Viewing movies inside your car is not just for you but also for your passenger. Since most of car DVD players are usually installed in the front seat, your passengers won't fully benefit from it. Headrest DVD Players are made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With LCD monitors installed at the headrest of your car seats, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Headrest DVD Player is ideal for a family car’s because all the members of the family will surely benefit from it.

We all know how boring and tiresome long car trip can be and having some entertainment would make a long trip more pleasurable. With Flip Down DVD Player your family members can enjoy movies from the back seat of the car. That will keep the kids quite. Roof Mount DVD Player is made for the purpose of making your car the total entertainment vehicle. With up to 17 inch LCD monitors installed on the roof of your car, this will give your passengers the convenience of viewing movies and listening to music right in front of them. Spice up your long trip with these flip down car DVD players!

Monday, September 27, 2010

No more "Are We There Yet". Keeping kids quietly entertained on long road trips.

EliteAutoSound-Sales, one of the fastest growing online resources for Car Mobile Video Products, launched a brand new customer-focused,mobile video based web site this month. The site, , is designed in direct response to EliteAutoSound-Sales research into what the customer really wants.

No more "Are We There Yet". Keeping kids quietly entertained on long road trips.
EliteAutoSound-Sales Chief Executive Joseph Suznovich says: "At EliteAutoSound-Sales we have always taken customer care very seriously, talking and listening to our customers and taking their views in to consideration when building our product base. Over the last year we have studied customer needs, wants and opinions and the results have influenced the new web site design and content."

Our customer base is built from Parents of young children and a strong following of people into Custom Vehicle accessorizing. Parents have long looked for the answer to combat the infamous question from their children while driving, " Are We There Yet". That question is now a thing of the past. Children can now watch their favorite Movies such as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and Toy Story, all while sitting quietly in their parents vehicle. Having DVD monitors in your vehicle give your children the ability to be entertained while providing the parent the safety and sanity of driving with no distractions.

EliteAutoSound-Sales is making the integration of a Mobile Video entertainment package in your vehicle easier than ever. The new Web site, gives customers detailed information, close-up photographs of all its quality products and offers products from all ranges and needs.

Products of high quality and performance are what people need and are looking for. With the vast array of In-Car video systems, buyers want a web site with easy navigation to all the products they are interested in. Weather it is Headrest DVD Player Monitors, Roof Mount Monitors, Overhead DVD Players or Sun Visor LCD Monitors, buyers have a huge selection of products to choose from to meet their own, specific needs.

"Our customers want to be able to choose on-line, to see the products and find out who we are and have the ability to ask questions," says Joseph Suznovich. "We are a successful, growing and strongly reliable company. We are continually innovating and improving our products and services. The new web site is the natural next step.

The company has experienced phenomenal growth since its foundation in 2002. Joseph Suznovich added: "We are in a competitive market. Customers rightly expect a good deal and a professional service. At we know that our products are not only the very best available but also that we listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future."

For further information please contact:

Joseph Suznovich

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Headrest Dvd Players Are The Easy Choice for Car Entertainment Today

Today, it’s quite difficult to find a normal video player (VCR). Most electrical retailers don’t even carry old style VCR anymore because of the popularity of newer DVD technologies. DVDs not only offer more quality, but they are also cheaper to produce and smaller to store. Unless you have some old VCR films at home, and you haven’t still converted them, then what you need is a DVD player.

As always, the advantages are technological. A DVD- aka Digital Versatile Discs – are like Cd's and hold audio or video data several times as much as a normal CD. Modern DVD, no matter if it’s the Standard Definition or newer High Definition like Blu-Ray DVD, renders sharp pictures, clear sound and a lot of extras. However, people want always more. Watching a DVD a home is not enough. You can now watch a DVD in your car. Of course, not while driving, but your children in the rear seat may appreciate being able to watch a DVD on a headrest DVD player.

As with any DVD player, your headrest DVD player must provide access to language options and also play Cd's. It has to be user-friendly, since you’ll be using it during some short journeys as well as on longer trips. The connection to the headrest is an important specification to look at. The DVD headrest must be well attached to the headrest. It must be well made and it must feel solid. In case of an accident, it must stay there where you put it, at the headrest.

If possible, it should be compatible with a number of DVD formats, like DVD-RAM or DVD+R/RW. Most DVD players are compatible with these formats.

Headrest DVD players don’t have to be bought separately from a car. Some new cars already come with an integrated headrest DVD player,built in, well, the headrest. You can also buy a new headrest with built-in DVD player for your current seats. You just have to slide it into the headrest holes in your seats.

If you have children, you know that they don’t always agree on what they want to watch. Rather than deal with the dangerous distraction caused by arguing children in the backseat, many parents are opting to install multiple headrest DVD players on the front seats. Then each child can watch what they want and if they use headphones for the audio, there won’t be a war of sounds for you to deal with.

You can even convert your headrest DVD player to a full fledged media outlet with the right specifications. Generally, you can hook up your choice of video game systems to the headrest DVD player just like your television at home. If the headrest DVD player features a USB connection, like many do today, you can also hook up your mp3 player if you choose.

There are many other features that can be found in a headrest DVD player that may not be as vital but can make your viewing more comfortable. Swivel-heads is a newer feature found in some models that make it easier to view from all angles when you have multiple viewers in the back seats. Be sure to compare both features and pricing until you find the unit that will best suit your family’s needs.