Thursday, October 1, 2015

2016 Dual 9" Car Digital Touch Screen Headrest Dvd Player Monitors

Dual Digital 9" Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Detachable Monitors

Our new 2016 Digital Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Monitors are full of all the latest features including high resolution digital display. FM and IR transmitters which play the DVD audio wirelessly through your vehicles existing speakers or wireless headphones at the touch of a button.

Weather it is for entertaining your kids or family and friends on the road, choosing to include a set of Dual Touch Screen Headrest DVD Player Monitors in your vehicle will turn your boring everyday driving to an exciting multi-media entertainment experience for everyone.

2016 Dual Car Swivel Digital Car 9" Headrest Dvd Player Monitors Non Zipper

 With all these features and more, you cannot go wrong with adding a mobile entertainment package to your vehicle.

Dual 9" headrest dvd player monitors

Headrest dvd players have Class A Active Matrix TFT LCD Monitor with SHARP panel Sony Brand laser disc reader which provides Excellent Picture Quality.
Headrest dvd players have Adjustable posts from 4.25" to 8.25" for universal fit.
Headrest dvd players have a high hd Resolution: 960 x 480 pixels, Viewing angle: 60 60, Built in Region Free DVD player with Electronic Anti-Skip Mechanism (shock resistant).
Headrest dvd players also have Multi system NTSC, PAL, AUTO Supports DVD, DVDR/W, CD, CDR/W, VCD, MP3 with Dolby Digital support. RCA video/audio input/output. USB input port for flash drives SD/MS/MMC card reader built in.
Headrest post diameter 10mm & 12mm adapters are include with every package. 
Built In Infrared Transmitter for audio.
Built In FM Transmitter for audio through your vehicles speakers.
Unit Dimensions: 245 (W) x 290 (L) x 115 (D) mm
Power comsumption: 12 W
Power supply: 12V DC
English menu on screen display

2016 Dual Digital 9" Car Headrest Dvd Player Monitors with Wireless Headphones


Eliteautosound-sales proudly offers our Dual 9“ headrest dvd monitor package for your vehicle. 

With our dual headrest dvd players, you can watch the same movie on both headrests, or watch 2 individual DVDs, they choice is yours. The power supply is provided by a standard 12V power cable that is pre-run through the headrest post already for you, and when installed is unseen in the vehicle. Entertaining children is getting harder and harder to do while on the road, allowing them to watch their favorite movies or games on our dual headrest dvd monitors is a convenient and affordable solution.

2016 Dual 9" Universal Mount Headrest Dvd Players Monitor USB SD Games with Headphones



excited to have found these 5 Star Review

Posted by  on 4th Jun 2015
When I was looking for headrest video I immediately started looking for OEM replacements and they were close to $1000+. No thanks. I don't know or really care how these are able to be sold for so cheap but GET EM WHILE YOU CAN! These are the best deal ever. The headrest dvd players are awesome and is actually real easy to install. Very good quality. The only 'cheap' that you encounter is the instruction sheet that comes with it. So weak it's funny with its misspellings and broken words. I would recommend to anyone

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2 Din Dvd Player Monitors With Built In GPS Blutooth Navigation are The New Travel Companion

When people today attempt to purchase DVD players for their beloved automobile, they may be normally confused by an incredible quantity of selections out there. To determine which sort of DVD Player fits your automobile most effectively, you will need to know some options concerning what kinds are available for you to choose from. Here, eliteautosound-sales would like to introduce the Double din DVD player, one particular member of the auto DVD unit household, and explain why it becomes a fantastic alternative for many car owners.

A Double din DVD player is usually mounted in the dashboard so the front seat passenger can have  an enjoyable journey while on those road trips. As for the monitor, a lot of people might be not happy since the screen looks quite little. Essentially, the screen might be folded when not utilized, and pulled out during use. Most In dash LCD DVD monitors are motorized and work upon powering the unit on. Moreover, the sizes of your monitors are distinctive, ranging from 4 to six inches. Like other entertainment devices, the device lets you play Cd's, DVDs too as digital files from memory cards like SD, MMC, MS, and so forth. Television tuner and radio are also included inside most in order to let you be able to watch television programs and listen to the radio as well as playing DVDs.

The 2 din dvd units commonly provide Blue tooth function so the driver can make phone calls without holding their telephone to their ear for the duration of driving and stay away from distractions. The Built in GPS navigation in many units are usually integrated within and allow easy travel in unknown areas. Thus you never worry about getting lost with your vehicle in any situation, because the GPS can show you the proper direction within a blink of an eye.

Some of them even come with a rear view camera installed within the bumper on the automobile. The DVD player within the dashboard will display the rear image automatically whenever you move your vehicle backward so that you can see a clear image with the real circumstance and assure that you just will not accidentally hit anything in those troublesome blind spots. This is critical especially for massive automobiles like SUVs and buses.

Due to its multifunctional features, the double din auto dvd player has turned out to be a well known alternative amongst auto owners since it was placed in to the mobile video market. Within the busy contemporary life most people know have, people often entertain themselves in many approaches irrespective of whether or not they can be at home, in the office, and even on the road. Within this situation, the 2 din DVD players can also add considerable enjoyment and comfort for your travels.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Car Headrest Dvd Player Monitors Turn Your Vehicle Into A Mobile Theatre on the Road

Advanced technologies have brought people plenty of in-car entertainment alternatives within their reach. In a persons home, you are able to entertain yourself with a number of devices in your spare leisure time. Such as, you are able to listen to music, play games, watch television within the room and do other things. Nonetheless, when you are driving out or on the go, how do you get the same type of home entertainment for yourself and passengers or kids? Right now I will introduce a kind of auto entertainment package for your vehicle - The 9 inch Headrest DVD Player. Have this device installed inside your vehicle, you'll be able to do all the things that could only be done in  your home previously. Such a headrest DVD player could make your car turn out to be a Mobile On the go theatre. It can be your best traveling companion, especially if you have children.

In comparison with the in-dash DVD GPS navigation player, the 9 inch headrest monitor is really a much more sensible choice for folks who have kids. You know, small little ones are usually fairly naughty, and they are easily distracted and bored on any type of road trip. This can be a distraction for you when your driving. Without any type of DVD entertainment within the vehicle, the naughty kids may perhaps cry and scream now and then ( we have all had that happen ). However, inside the event you have got a 9 inch headrest car DVD Player system in your automobile, your kids would focus all their attention towards watching all their favorite DVDs on the screen, such as kids' favorite cartoons like Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Tangled, Shark Tales, Beauty and the Beast etc. As a result, such car DVDs will likely be a good helper to keep naughty little ones "busy" within your vehicles throughout your road trips. This can no doubt make you feel more relaxed and focus on driving, Not answering "Are We There Yet" every few minutes.

These days, they're plenty of options for this kind of headrest dvd system. So it is quite easy for people today to choose a headrest monitor according to their very own requirement.

Headrest monitors may be divided into two most important sorts: universal model that will fit any vehicle and standard headrest dvd packages. Typically, the universal headrest monitor is usually a bit less expensive than the standards. Even so, when compared with the universal model, the customized All in One Headrest Dvd Packages can match your vehicles in size, colour and so on, and its installation is easy.

The basic function of headrest monitor should be to play DVD, and now more and more functions have been added to it. For instance, today's headrest DVD generally support diverse formats of file playback, like MP4, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3, SVCD, JPEG, CD-R, CD-RW and so on. Some models also permit you to play video games. You are able to also connect the headrest monitor with backup camera to increase the reversing safety of your vehicle.  All headrest monitors at come with USB port and a SD slot, it is possible to play digital files stored in the USB drive or SD card. Furthermore, our high-end ones also include FM/IR transmitter.

So, car headrest DVD packages can present colorful entertainment activities for all passengers, thus you won't feel so bored on the road. Nonetheless searching for a cost-effective headrest DVD model player has been easier than ever with .   They offer distinct sorts of vehicle headrest monitors, Car Flip Down Dvd Players and now all of its headrest car dvd players are on sale. Do not miss out such a fantastic opportunity!

Friday, May 3, 2013

What Dvd player monitor should you purchase for your vehicle?

Of all of the technology selections you'll be able to add to your automobile, the 1 that has no age limits is the auto DVD unit. Installing a DVD unit can make any road trip calmer, kids who get fidgety 30 minutes within a 300-mile trip no longer mind traveling, and parents can concentrate on driving -- or having an uninterrupted conversation.

According to the your needs and wants for your vehicle, you can find four principal types which are popular in the market place today, flip down DVD player, sun visor DVD player, in dash auto dvd player and headrest dvd player. Then let me introduce the pros and cons for each type.
Flip down DVD Player

It is also been named auto roof DVD player, car ceiling DVD player or overhead DVD Player. According to the name, you might guess the installing position of this kind of auto DVD model. Yes, you were correct. It's mounting on the ceiling or roof on the majority of cars. Therefore, it demands a  space within your vehicle. Most of them are installed in SUVs and RVs.

Sun Visor DVD Player

According to its name, you might know that it really is installed inside the sun visor of a car. The size and thickness on the sun visor display could be unique with the original in your vehicle. Nevertheless it could give you a great deal of entertainment and practical use. The DVD players come mounted already in direct replacement sun visors which make it easy to install in your vehicle.

In Dash Car DVD unit

The in dash DVD player has unique size from  the four.Three inches to 7 inch. They are space-saving and usually replace the original radio or CD player inside your dash. When not in use, the screen can be hidden within the vehicle or is usually removed as outlined by the style, which can shield the LCD screen from wear and dirt. Many of the in dash DVD players are integrated with GPS Navigation Techniques, Blue tooth or digital television functions. Therefore, using the GPS function, you don't have to be concerned that you simply will loose your way any time you drive to a strange place.

Headrest car DVD player

The most common used type of DVD player in a vehicle is a headrest DVD player. The headrest car dvd player that is installed within the headrest are much safer. A headrest entertainment technique could give the back seat passengers a lot of amusements. The headrest monitors could work separately so that diversity 2 DVDs or movie programs can be shown simultaneously on various screens. Obviously, if you wish to watch the same DVD with your passengers, it can be done easily as well.

Which kind of entertainment technique need to you select for your vehicle? That is dependent upon your needs, your price range as well as your youngsters. Contact for all your car DVD video needs and our friendly representatives will assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Never hear the dreaded " Are we there yet" question from your children again!